Earn staking Rewards
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Stake BlockX tokens to access exclusive features and earn passive rewards. Reduce trading fees, grow your crypto and more.

Special offer on rates available from 1/31/2022 to 2/14/2022

Earn Bitcoin Rewards

Earn bitcoin rewards on a 1-3 year term up to 60% APY

Reduce Trading Fees

Reduce trading fees by up to 90% when you stake any token

Grow Assets with Platform Tools

Unlock additional AI trading tools further maximize crypto portfolio growth

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1 Year Term
12% APY
Monthly Payouts
24% APY
Quarterly Payouts
2 Year Term
24% APY
Monthly Payouts
36% APY
Quarterly Payouts
3 Year Term
48% APY
Monthly Payouts
60% APY
Quarterly Payouts
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*Staking APY is subject to change at any time without notice.